Flash Fiction: Like

Ladies and Gentlemen, another honorable mention in the Writer Unboxed flash fiction contest! Thank you so much for all the support!  See my story from last week, and Debbie Ohi‘s prompt image, below. To help me in this week’s contest, go here, scroll to find my story (under Taylor Ross, begins “Wool reached out, like fingernails scritch-scratching…”) and hit the “like” button! Thanks!


“Why?” Amanda flung her hand out across the counter, swiping everything to the floor. Six beer bottles shattered.
Why was her husband in a coma? Or why did he drink and drive? Or why did he drink at all?
His daughter had married an alcoholic. Nathan blamed himself for that, as he did every hardship in his daughter’s life.
She put a hand out to steady herself on the tiles. The other went to her face. The short, wracking sobs were almost silent.
Nathan walked over, rested a calloused palm on her delicate sweater. He knew when he lifted his hand the fabric would cling to the rough edges of his skin. Her sobs quieted.
“Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise,” Amanda said. Her voice was low, bitter. “Do you know my friends keep saying that?”
Nathan stood still, waiting. The man had only been in a coma for three days.
But good things did come out of bad, sometimes.
“When your mother…” Nathan cleared his throat. His Mirabelle. Amanda had never known her mother.
“It’s okay, Dad.” Amanda brushed her tears away before his could start. She knelt to pick up the broken glass. He felt her sweater tug at his skin.
Amanda put the biggest pieces in the garbage, fetched the dustpan, and began to sweep the smaller pieces. She brushed most of it into the bin. Nathan caught her hands as she turned back to get the rest.
“You wore a good disguise.”