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Based in Denver, Taylor Lauren Ross is a professional writer and editor. Formerly the managing editor at The Riding Light Review, she currently edits students’ college application essays with College Transitions. Since receiving a BA in English from UCLA, she has written culture and lifestyle articles for Santa Barbara Magazine and Edible Santa Barbara, among others. She was selected as a 2014 AWP Writer to Writer mentee, and her short fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in Westwind, Glass Mountain, (parenthetical), and othersHer current work in progress is a YA sci-fi novel.

I write for the joy of writing. Creation. To express myself. To be an artist. And because I want to touch people. I want to write the story that throws a lightning bolt through your gut; the book that makes you laugh aloud, forgetting you sit in a coffee shop, and you are unabashed when people turn to look; the book that makes you cry, and you pass it on for how it moves you might move your sister, or your father, or your best friend. The thing that allows you to see the other side of someone’s story, and so you can forgive, or the one that brings you closer to someone you thought you’d lost. The one that gives you courage to do something you thought you couldn’t and insight into yourself that brings you peace or spurs you to change.


I have always been a writer. I have been creating stories from the moment I could. I write to touch people. To change lives.


I also write because…


I believe in meditation, in personal growth, in learning and self-discovery, in doing your best in life, and—sometimes, you just need a break. Sometimes you want to escape. I write to provide the words that give you the moment you crave, the pages that take you away from it all.


These are not original statements, but they are true.